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Don't be left in the dark

Dark and lonely nights without power can be frustrating and hard to deal with. If you frequently lose power due to storms or there is another reason for your power loss, a generator may be the answer you have been looking for. At Graff Electric of Trenton, NJ, we sell and install generators for reliable power when the lights go out.

A generator is important for your home or business, particularly if you work from home or run a business that simply cannot afford to take a day off. It's good to have a backup plan ready to go when the lights go out. A generator is able to monitor your home's electricity; when there is an issue, they automatically kick in to transfer you to generator power.

The backup power you need

The need for a generator is critical, particularly on hot summer days or on those cold winter nights. A generator can help you prevent any food from spoiling in the fridge, keep critical medical equipment running, or kick the furnace on when it's cold. Install a generator today and see the difference.

Why install a generator?

Trust an electrical company that is fully licensed, insured, and ready to handle all your electrical needs.

When the lights go out, be ready with a residential or commercial generator.

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